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Are you affected by a concussion?
Let Rikke la Cour help you move forward

Rikke la Cour tailors her concussion mentoring and coaching sessions to fit you and your need, also called The BrainBrave Way.

BrainBrave – Purpose

Let me help you on your journey

Since my concussion in 2018, which put my life on hold for several years, I have developed a passion for helping people in similar situations. After I shared my concussion story in Mikael Kamber’s book “Gå Godt” in 2021 and via Hjernerystelsesforeningen, I have had multiple conversations and sparring sessions with people whom suffered a concussion or had their life turned upside down in similar ways.

It is due to these conversations, where I have seen an imminent need for concussion guidance and inspiration, and the positive outcomes such holds for concussion recovery, that I have founded BrainBrave.

As a certified coach, combined with the knowledge I have built during my + 20 years professional career within negotiation, coaching and capability building, as well as my own concussion journey and full recovery, I now offer coaching and concussion mentoring in Danish and English. Online or in person.

I cannot wait to make a difference. Every person that I can help move forward on their journey will be a massive gift. For them. And for me.

Client Testimonials

See What My Clients Say About BrainBrave

“After my first session with Rikke, I felt more hopeful on life. Rikke is extremely knowledgeable about the brain. Her approach is particularly trustworthy due to her own experience living with concussion.”


Student, Louis suffers from a concussion following a traffic accident

“Rikke has a unique understanding for the emotional challenges that the one with concussion faces and the concerns that we have as relatives. She creates a safe space, where it is okay to say that everything is frustrating.”


Mother to an 18-year old with concussion

“Rikke provides great advice in how to look after oneself and the brain, so that it does not get overloaded again despite the cause.”


Senior Director, Kristina suffers from concussion

“Having been through a concussion herself, and tested a number of different techniques, Rikke is able to provide useful tools and strategies for recovery.”


Project Manager, Ashleigh suffers from her second concussion

Services – The BrainBrave Way

BrainWorks by BrainBrave

Let me help you improve your well-being through coaching and concussion mentoring.

Sessions are offered in Danish and English. Online or Face2Face in Copenhagen.

FREE clarifying conversation - 15 mins

I offer a online FREE 15-min conversation via Zoom to clarify your need and ensure that I am the right one to help you.

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Concussion Mentoring - 30 mins

Concussion Mentoring

(30mins) – 400kr

Mentoring, mainly offered to people that have suffered a concussion/PCS/TBI, can be helpful if you are in a limbo around what to do, where to go and how to move forward.

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Concussion Mentoring - 60 mins

Concussion Mentoring

(60 mins) – 750kr

Mentoring, mainly offered to people that have suffered a concussion/PCS/TBI, can be helpful if you are in a limbo around what to do, where to go and how to move forward.

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Initial Coaching Session - 90 mins

90 min 1o5o kr

In your first coaching session, I recommend a 90-minute session to get to know each other, create your safe space and dig into your goals and wishes for change. 90-minute sessions can also be booked as follow ups.

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Coaching Sessions - 60 mins

Continuous coaching sessions
(60 min) – 750kr

In the onwards coaching sessions, we will start each session with checking in on how you have been, and jointly agree on the focus for this session.
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Package Deal

Package: 210 minutes of coaching or mentoring for DKK 2100 kroner.  

Three sessions of 60 minutes and one 30-minute session. If, we have not had a session before, then start with booking a 15 minutes session with me, and when we have had such – then book a lenght at your liking and inform me when you arrive that it is part of the Package Deal.

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Package Deal

210 minutes of coaching or mentoring distributed over 3-4 sessions depending on what you need. It can e.g. be three 60-minute session and one 30-minute session. You decide. Sessions offered online or in person. Price: 2100 kr.

Podcast in English coming up

Due to the success of my podcast “Life Post Concussion”, I will be launching it in English too during 2024. Stay tuned.

BrainBlog by BrainBrave

Coaching at BrainBrave

When we dare to dig deeper, dare to see ourself in a new light and what might hold us back – magic can happen. But it can be difficult to get there on your own.


  • You set the goals. I motivate and support you to get there through well-proven techniques and various coaching tools.
  • Through active listening, I help you find the way from where you are, to where you want to go.
  • In my coaching sessions, we focus more on the present and future, than the past.
  • Coaching is 100% confidential and I will do everything in my power, to create a safe space for you.
  • In my coaching sessions, I will (when appropriate) spice it up with my humorous and positive approach to life. It just makes it a bit more fun and balanced when we dig into the heavy stuff.
  • I will include learnings and inspiration from my own recovery from concussion/PCS/TBI with you, as we jointly identify what might help you in your recovery and journey back to a better life. I call that approach – the BrainBrave Way.

The practical stuff

Move forward with BrainBrave

  • Online sessions take place via Zoom. Prior to our meeting, you will receive a meeting invitation via email. If you are not feeling well one day, we can easily swap our Face2Face meeting to an online meeting instead. That way we consider your “daily state” and maintain focus on how you can get better.
  • Physical sessions take place in our offices in the Wellness Centre (v/ Lene Hansson), Holbergsgade 24, 1057 Copenhagen. I will send you a code for door entry prior to your arrival. Please wait in the silent zone/reception area where I will pick you up.
  • Payments are handled via your banking app. Simply transfer payment for your session to Danske Bank, reg no 3409, account no 13663084. If you don’t have a banking app, we’ll find an alternative payment method.  
    IBAN: DK18 3000 0013 6630 84
  • Cancellation Policy. Cancellations must take place at least 24 hours prior to your appointment. Cancellations less than 24 hours before your appointment will be charged at 50%. Best case, we just change your physical appointment to an online session – then you can join from home or wherever you are.

you only have this one life.
Let me help you get it right.

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I am here for you. If everything seems a bit overwhelming and you need help moving forward, then you should reach out to me. I know how difficult it can be to try to make sense of a tough life change. And to figure it all out. But where there is a will, there is a way. Also for you.